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Are you an SMSF practitioner looking to provide a wide range of quality services to your clients? Are you an SMSF member looking for a life insurance solution? Self Secure may be the innovative solution to satisfy your life insurance needs.

Self Secure SMSF Group Life Insurance is the simple and efficient way to place life insurance for SMSF members, while in a contemporary low cost structure. Register now and assist your clients to fulfil this need, or call us on (03) 8646 4040 to discuss how Self Secure may help you.

Key Features

  • Up to $750,000 of death and TPD cover online (and up to $1m via full underwriting)
  • Group pricing
  • Cover with a minimum of health questions
  • Online confirmation of cover
  • Generally tax deductible premiums
  • Interim cover while application is being assessed
  • Transfer facility for existing cover
  • Latest reflexive underwriting for poor health

SMSF Service Providers
Are you an:
  • Accountant
  • SMSF Administrator
  • Financial Adviser
  • Stockbroker

SMSF Members
Insurance may assist to:
  • Pay off the mortgage
  • Financial support for loved ones
  • Meet school fees for the kids
  • Meet the cost of rehabilitation and medical expenses

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